Revenue encourages employees to avail of online tax return facilities

The revenue commissioners have encouraged taxpayers to use online services when filing tax returns over the coming weeks and months.

People filing revenue declarations can log on to the revenue website and use the PAYE Services function in the “my Account” section,
Revenue says the online offering makes the process easier and more convenient, and allows people to check what tax credits they are entitled to.

Using any smart device, customers can register a job, inform about a new job or additional income, as well as ensure all tax credits are claimed along with claiming any tax back that may be owed.
The service also allows users to declare income or divide tax credits and rate bands for 2017.

More than 52,000 taxpayers have used the new facility to register a new job online, to avoid emergency tax.
In the first two weeks of this year, an average 620 customers per day used the online service to manage their tax for 2017.

The most frequently updated tax credits were the Single Person Child Carer Credit, the Home Carer Credit, and Flat Rate Expenses.

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