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Mixed reaction to Budget 2014 measures

The measures announced in Budget 2014 have drawn a mixed reaction from various representative groups and organisations throughout the country. The Society of St Vincent de Paul said it was very disappointed and concerned about the cuts to young peoples’ social welfare payments.

The winners and losers in Budget 2014

Winners: The tourism industry Not only did the tourism industry get to keep its 9 per cent VAT rate as it had lobbied hard  for in recent weeks, but it also got an added boost when the Government said it would abolish the travel tax. The move has been welcomed by everyone from airlines to

Budget 2014: Unkindest cuts are kept till last

THE Government waited for the final Budget under the troika to implement some of the unkindest cuts of the entire bailout period. Pensioners, medical card holders, working mothers, the young unemployed, savers and families with health insurance were all targeted in a series of painful cuts and tax increases totalling €2.5bn.

Budget 2014 appears to be SME friendly

A number of measures have been announced affecting the SME sector in Budget 2014, including the threshold being increased increased from €500,000 to €3m for SME loan appeals to the Credit Review Office (CRO) and €2 billion in SME supports.

Budget 2014: Government unveils raft of tax hikes, spending changes

A series of swingeing tax and spending adjustments aimed at reducing the State’s annual outlay by €2.5 billion were unveiled in today’s Budget. Among the controversial measures announced were a lowering of dole payments to under-25s; a hike in prescription charges; a tightening on the eligibility criteria for medical card holders and the phasing out… Read more »

Ireland says may exit bailout without EU backstop

(Reuters) – Ireland will become the first euro zone country to exit an international bailout in mid-December and may do so without a financing backstop from its European partners, the ruling party announced at a triumphant rally on Saturday. Prime Minister Enda Kenny told a gathering of his Fine Gael party that “the economic emergency… Read more »

More axe than tax in today’s Budget

Today’s Budget will see a raft of new measures designed to adjust the public finances by E2.5bn with a greater emphasis on cuts. It is expected that there will be E900 million in additional revenues in 2014 and more than E1.6 billion in cuts.