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The Irish took austerity lying down – German poll

The bulk of Germans feel Irish people should have protested more when the Eurozone crisis unfolded, a survey suggests. SHARE The study by Red C – commissioned by a Galway businessman – concluded that about 60pc of Germans surveyed agreed that we weren’t vocal enough in 2008, the year the crash came and the Government… Read more »

Concern raised over decline in funding for start-ups

More than €300 million was raised by Irish SMEs during the first nine months of 2014, but funding for start-ups fell dramatically over the period, according to a new survey from the Irish Venture Capital Association (IVCA). The study reveals just 5 per cent of funds raised this year have gone to start-ups compared to… Read more »

Siptu boss warns of pay rise ‘explosion’ for the new year

THE leader of the country’s largest union has predicted a wage “explosion” with thousands of workers lodging claims for pay rises if economic growth continues to soar. Siptu General President, Jack O’Connor, whose union represents over 200,000 employees, said he expects far more pay increase demands to be served on employers next year than were… Read more »

Swedish vote set to allow State pay IMF debt early

A vote this afternoon in the Swedish parliament is set to clear the way for the Government to proceed with the early repayment of up to €10 billion of its €22.5 billion International Monetary Fund debt by the end of the year. The Government is likely to follow the first repayment, expected next month, with… Read more »

Data points to ‘broad recovery’ for Irish economy

Economy is on the turn as 2014 marks the comeback of the Irish consumer. Recent economic data shows that a “broad recovery” is currently underway in the Irish economy, thanks to steady increases in total employment, outperformance in underlying tax revenues and buoyant trends in the retail sector. The data also points to the return… Read more »

Plug pension gap before it gets too late

Retiring in this country was a lot simpler in our grandparents’ time. Most people simply worked until 65 and then claimed the state pension. Today, many of us have private pensions on top of the state pension. However, we must now wait until the age of 66 to receive the State pension – and this… Read more »

Self-employed mistakenly told their tax returns are late

Taxpayers who paid Revenue yesterday were left confused after being told they were late with their payments and would be surcharged, despite meeting the deadline for filing their returns. Last night at midnight was the deadline for the self-employed and PAYE taxpayers with extra income to file tax returns and pay what they are due…. Read more »