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UK car industry warns next PM no-deal Brexit is not an option

UK car industry warns next PM no-deal Brexit is not an option Britain’s car industry has warned the next prime minister against a “seismic” no-deal Brexit in October, which it said could add billions of pounds in tariffs and cause border disruption, crippling the sector. Boris Johnson, the frontrunner to succeed Theresa May, and his… Read more »

Report suggests new agri-food area for Ireland, UK

Report suggests new agri-food area for Ireland, UK A new shared food safety and animal health area taking in the island of Ireland and the island of Great Britain as a whole should be created to prevent the Irish backstop taking effect, according to a report by a UK non-government body of MPs, academics, trade… Read more »

Join industry leader groups to get inspired

Q: I run two successful cafes. I don’t have a lot of space in either and I am really challenged when parents arrive with buggies and young children. How can I handle this delicate issue? A: This is indeed sensitive. You run the risk of not only alienating parents, but also their family and friends…. Read more »

Mum-run firms organise pop-up event to encourage shoppers to buy local this Black Friday

Five small businesses are joining forces at a two-day event to encourage consumers to buy local, and Irish, this Black Friday. Owner of online store CHAOS+HARMONY Roisin Scott is behind the ‘Indi Pop-Up Shop’, where herself and four other “hard working mamas” will set up stall and sell their wares. “I’ve been in business just… Read more »

One in three Irish SMEs targeted by fraud

A third of Irish small and medium businesses have been targeted by fraud in the past 12 months. The most common types of fraudulent scams encountered by SMEs are phishing emails, which seven in 10 have experienced, according to research carried out to mark National Fraud Awareness week. Other types of fraud encountered by businesses… Read more »

Tech hub’s rocket man helps high-risk startups fly high

“People come into incubators and very often it’s just for space, they are thinking ‘that’s what I need, a nice space would be good’. But actually, by the time they exit what you find is that the real value they’ve gotten is the networking, the connections, the monies they were able to attract as a… Read more »

Irish banks must shed a further €9bn of bad loans to meet ECB targets, Moody’s has warned. Unlike the early period after the crash, when sales of commercial real estate and developer loans dominated the great bank sell-offs, further disposals will be dominated by home loans, the rating agency said. “This is because legacy mortgage… Read more »