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France reaches deal with US on digital tax talks

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said France had reached an agreement with the US on the basis for future talks over a global digital tax, at the Organisation for Economic Development (OECD) level. “We had long talks this morning with the US Treasury Secretary and the OECD Secretary General,” Mr Le Marie said at the World Economic… Read more »

Irish tax system best in EU at reducing inequality – ESRI

Research by the Economic and Social Research Institute has found that the Irish tax system does more than any other system in the EU to redistribute income and reduce inequality. It also found that raising the point at which taxpayers pay the higher rate of tax, or abolishing the Universal Social Charge, would both favour those… Read more »

Corporation tax to boost Exchequer figures for 2019

Exchequer figures to be released later today are expected to show a surplus of €1.5bn for last year. The surplus is mainly due to higher than forecast levels of corporation tax on company profits. The forecasts for corporation tax were revised upwards three times in 2019. The final figure is expected to be €1.4bn ahead… Read more »

ESRI in warning over corporation tax windfall levels

The ESRI has warned that any reduction in windfall levels of corporation tax will have a significant impact on the public finances, which could require the Government to implement austerity policies.  Because of this danger, it advises that the windfall portion of the corporation tax take should be set aside to counter any shocks to the… Read more »

Ireland is not a tax haven – Dept of Finance

Ireland is not a tax haven – Dept of Finance Ireland does not meet any internationally recognised standard of being a tax haven, according to a statement from the Department of Finance. The department is reacting to a report in today’s Irish Independent detailing new figures which show that US mulitnational companies based in Ireland,… Read more »

Tax rises needed to prevent economy overheating – ESRI

Tax rises needed to prevent economy overheating – ESRI The Economic and Social Research Institute says the economy is now growing so strongly that the Government should increase taxes to avoid overheating, notably through increasing taxes on carbon and property. But it also says the Government should avoid tax increases if there is a no-deal… Read more »

Relief as property tax changes delayed for a year

Relief as property tax changes delayed for a year Local Property Tax (LPT) rates for householders are to be frozen for another year the Government decided late last night. Homeowners won’t see any change in their LPT bills until 2021, and tens of thousands of householders who currently benefit from exemptions will continue to do… Read more »